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How it works

Join Amiko's 'social-first' events to get to know new friends and spend some great time together!

Amiko generates a tailored-made tribe for you: a community of users near you, around your age group & with similar interests.

As part of your local tribe, you are able to:


in high-quality, safe, enriching social-first activities to meet members of your tribe!


activities you love to meet new friends, supported by our community team.


with your tribe on our platform, and try new events almost every day.

Why Amiko?

Meeting new friends has always been difficult: online dating apps are not catered for group dynamics, and in-person meetings around shared experiences are rarer than ever.

Amiko is the best way to build new friendships. By joining a tribe, you'll participate in social-first activities and connect with new people in real life. 

Remote working, relocations, and social distancing have created new barriers to connect with fellow humans: Amiko is tearing them apart.

About us

Make new friendships through fun activities

Join Amiko's 'social-first' events to spend quality time with your tribe. Our trained organisers will help in breaking the ice and creating a great environment for all!

 Make new friends & join fun social events today.

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Hiking - Rental X Webflow Template


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Mountain Bike - Rental X Webflow Template

Mountain biking

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What users are saying

You'll find so many wonderful humans on our platform as our community keeps on growing!

“Amiko makes a difference.”

I moved to London for work. I was staying at the office till late and it was difficult for me to organise stuffs to meet new people in my little spare time. Amiko would have made a big difference - I am huge fan!

Riccardo, 30
London, UK

“Amiko changed the way I meet people.”

It’s very difficult to meet new people and find things to do when you are not so young anymore. I tried many things before Amiko, including swimming classes, but people weren’t there to make friends. Amiko changed the way I meet people.

Anna, 63
London, UK

“Amiko enables true and meaningful connections.

Making friends in a big city can be such a daunting experience, especially when you first move there! Amiko enables true and meaningful connections in a fun and lighthearted environment, making socialising easy and building a community natural :)

Francesca, 31
London, UK